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Feel Free to Feel Safe

Our main goal remains to provide our guests with the most exceptional accommodation experience under the utmost levels of safety. Thus, we are following the world class health and safety measures and shall implement extremely careful action plans in order to ensure the well-being of our guests.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that apart from the mandatory Health & Hygiene protocols imposed by the Greek government, our company always having a high sense of responsibility towards our employees but also towards our guests, we have proceed with additional actions, procedures and specialized protocols of health and safety that focus on the protection towards the pandemic of Covid-19, in order to secure the most valuable good,  everyone’s health and safety.


Your Safety Comes First

  •  Welcoming, safeguarding and taking care you has always been our top priority.

  •  In collaboration with an internationally recognized partner, we have created an even safer environment for our guests, employees & associates, by applying all the necessary prevention, safety and hygiene protocols.
  •  Our staff receive ongoing Health & Safety compliance training.


Guest Experience

  •  Check-in time: 15.00 Check-out time: 11.00 to ensure there is sufficient time to prepare rooms for new guests.

  •  Safe Spacing requires guests to keep a physical distance of 2m from other when standing in all public areas of the hotel.
  •  Appropriate signage will remind you to maintain social distancing.
  •  Sanitizer dispensers in all main contact points, at all hotel entrances, the reception, F&B outlets and all public areas.
  •  A full equipped medical kit will be available at the hotel’s Front Office, as per Greek Government guidelines.
  •  We have increased the cleaning & disinfecting frequency throughout the hotel, focusing greatly on high-touch items & surfaces.
  •  All public areas are adequately ventilated & all air conditioning systems are regularly maintained.
  •  Indoor areas such as receptions, restaurants, spa and fitness centers will remain with open doors in order to maintain fresh air circulation.


Food & Beverage

  •  In all our seating outlets, including restaurant and lounge areas, tables will be arranged so as to ensure the required physical distance between individuals.

  •  HACCP procedures applied to all Food & Beverage Departments.
  •  All room service orders will be presented at the door.



  •  We pay special attention to high-touch items & surfaces such as telephones, tv-a/c controls, handles and switches. In-room directories, magazines, notebooks etc have been removed. We provide them electronically if required.

  •  Guests can, upon arrival, opt out of maid service in their rooms during their stay.
  •  In-room cleaning requests must be informed at reception desk 24 hours prior.
  •  Room cleaning will take place only when guests are not in their room and with all the appropriate protective measures & equipment.


Public areas

  •  We strongly recommend that all guests use their in-room WC. Swimming pool standards follow the new COVID-19 protocol.

  •  Sunbeds and tables will be arranged to ensure that physical distance is maintained and will be sanitized after each use.
  •  All public areas are adequately ventilated & air conditioning systems are regularly maintained.
  •  Fitness Center, Spa and Kids Club will operate according to Greek Laws and Regulation for Covid-19.

A strategic partner of this effort for the group is the internationally known certification company “SafeHotels” which is already in the process of certifying all the Hotels of the Group.

As a part of this, we are in the pleasant position to inform you that we have already received the Covid Clean certification by SafeHotels and the Health First Certification by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

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Capo Di Corfu
Agios Petros, 49080 Corfu,
Kerkira, Greece
Tel: +30 2662 029077


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